In apparel Manufacturing, “Production capacity” is one of the most important criteria used for vendor selection by the buyers. It is because; the production time of an order is directly proportional to the vendor’s production capacity. For this reason, we have included all brand-new machineries with low power consumption in our factory as production does never hamper and we can also offer the lowest price possible to the buyer.

•       Bottom Chino – 2 Lines

      Capacity – 100,000 Pcs/Monthly

•       Outer Wear – 6 Lines

      Capacity – 150,000 pcs/Monthly

•       Tops/Shirts -2 Lines

     Capacity – 150,000 pcs/Monthly

•       Bottoms/Denim -2 Lines

    Capacity – 100,000 pcs/Monthly

Total Capacity: 500,000 pcs per month