Coretex Apparels Ltd  Group is a 100% export-oriented apparel textile manufacturer. Our Policy is to fulfill the highest demand and satisfaction of customers, making quality and standard apparel products in a smooth and beautiful working environment.

The objective of Coretex Apparels Ltd is to encourage the creation of an ideology that not only establishes good salary and wages for the employees but also ensures health and security, adjusted with local policy, and will be helpful for cooperation, liberty of contact, working period and always shows respect towards the legal and moral rights of the employees.

1. Child Labor: Coretex Apparels Ltd always abides by the local laws and ILO conventions and no child labor is appointed in this organization.

2. Forced Labor: In Coretex Apparels Ltd no labor is kept confined for work willingly or unwillingly and no deposit is realized.

3. Company Representative: A Senior Officer has been appointed as the Representative of the company. Apart from his regular duties, he will take proper steps to check whether the policies are properly obeyed or not.

4. Controller of Supplier: Coretex Apparels Ltd conducts business with those suppliers who are determined to abide by local and international laws and maintain proper schedules. A record of this is maintained and a regular internal audit is conducted for maintaining this standard.

5. Management Procedure: The Company management committee is committed to abiding by the local and international laws and setting the policies properly. All plans and programs are recorded properly. To protect this standard and for its development, regular internal audit is conducted.

6. Correct and preventive steps: The Company is audited after every three months. For the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures, regularity, and security, a participation committee has been formed, so that discussion and steps can be taken for complaints, opinions, and rights.

7. Environment: Coretex Apparels Ltd is committed to abiding by all kinds of rules and regulations relating to the environment and endeavoring towards the betterment of the environment. We ensure proper daylight use, 100% LED lights in all permission, 20% energy from Solar Power, and we use 100% sewing machines with servo motors to save 80%  energy efficient machinery for a better tomorrow. 

8. Working Period: Coretex Apparels Ltd does not violate the working period which is locally enforced, and proper compensation is provided for more work. More than 48 hours of service in a week is not fixed and no work for more than 56 hours in a week is given. Each of the employees is given a holiday for a week. If one year is fulfilled then 1 day earn leave for every 18 days, 10 days of casual leave with full pay, 14 days of medical leave with full pay, and 11 days of festival leave with full pay are given. No labor is allowed overtime work for more than 12 hours in a week.

9. Payment of wages: In case of payment of wages, Bangladesh Labor Law – 2022 is followed. Minimum wages Tk. 8,000/- is paid to the workers. Tk. /- is paid to the Apprentice/Trainers as training allowance. Wages and overtime are paid to the workers within 1st week of each month. All employees are given an Employee Appointment letter and wage receipt. For a maximum of 2 children, maternity leave for 112 days is given along with salary. No employee is expelled due to pregnancy.

10. Harassment and misbehavior: Employees are well treated with honor and dignity. No employee has to face any kind of misbehavior physically, maternally, or verbally irrespective of gender. In such a case, action is taken through the Participation Committee.

11. Management Review: Whether all the rules and principles of the company are being obeyed or not are supervised by a higher authority. All the recommendations received from various committees are discussed by the Management Committee and any change and development are taken at that time.

12. Parity: Coretex Apparels Ltd must ensure all basic human rights of the workers, which may be depriving pay and allowances, promotion, discipline, cancellation of work, and retirement. All these are determined on the basis of the parity of gender, religion, nation, age, inability, social, and culture.

13. Liberty of Association: The employees are at liberty to maintain contact with any other organization. But as there is a good relationship with the Management so they can conduct bargaining with the management through a participatory committee. Coretex Apparels Ltd recognizes and respects workers’ right to liberty, right of association, right to bargaining, etc. The employees are not at all threatened to join in the work or to abstain from the work.

14. Health and Security: To avoid accidents and health protection, a healthy working environment is provided and the employees are given all kinds of facilities. First Aid is available in the working place, and Doctors and Nurses are available all the time for providing medical treatment. Legally there are arrangements of water supply, toilet and fire extinguishing equipment, Fire Training, Security Training, Fire rehearsal, etc., and are locally arranged.